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Public space & culture and identity

  • Promote city identity and culture through art, design and cultural activities in public spaces. Public art and performances in public spaces can celebrate and validate a sense of community, identity, belonging and well-being.
  • Public spaces can preserve heritage (both material and immaterial), protect diversity, promote creativity and contribute to a distinctive urban development and identity.


-EXAMPLE: Biblio Red Bogota  

Biblored is an innovative network of public libraries initiated in 1998 by Enrique Peñalosa, the mayor of Bogota at that time. The network is made up of 3 complementary levels of libraries: metropolitan libraries, local libraries and neighbourhood libraries all spread in the city. Peñalosa made the network a key part of the city’s development plan related to a strategy for equal access to culture and public space. The idea was to create a “social fabric” offering cultural, recreational and educational places with free access for all the citizens.