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Public space & participation in urban life for all | Learning UCLG

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Public space & participation in urban life for all

  • Contribute to gender equality by improving comfort of women and girls, elderly and marginalized groups (migrants) in public spaces and enabling their participation in public life (including economic, political and cultural participation). 
  • Better lighting, wider pavements, transparency for security (see and be seen) and well maintained and accessible facilities such as public toilets as a first step make women and girls feel safer in public spaces and avoid sexual violence. Women have different perceptions and uses of the space. Planners and decision makers should take it into account and include women in the process.


EXAMPLE: Safety Audit in Delhi, India

7 women’s safety audits were conducted in 5 municipal areas of Delhi as part of the project called “safer cities free of violence against women and girls”. The findings were studied and analysed in 2013 and concluded that poor lighting, lack of well-maintained public toilets and no pavements make women and girls feel unsafe in public spaces. The Ministry of Urban Development used the recommendations to improve the street lighting infrastructure in Delhi. (More information here